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Our superior Omega-3 fish oil is an organic engery producing supplement reduces inflammation and bone pain. It's proven to strengthen memory.

Our fish oil goes through vacuum molecular distillation, therefore, it contains no harmful mercury, PCBs or other toxins. We produce the cleanest fish oil on the market.

Vikiia Nordic Labs Omega-3 fish oil is sourced from the clean icy cold waters of Norway, Iceland and New Zealand.




You will love it.

Our mission is to provide our customers the purist form of all our products. Here is some in-depth information about the benefits of fish oil and what it can do for you.

1. Prevents Inflammation

Anti-Inflammatory Clinical research shows that marine based omega – 3 fatty acids, especially EPA, has a strong anti-inflammatory effect in the body.    

Omega 3 helps to reduce inflammation around the body, which helps to fight a number of potentially fatal diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, psoriasis, and many more. 

ll of these diseases are marked by inflammation, but the Omega 3 properties can help to reduce the risk of these setting in, by preventing the inflammation in the first place.  Omega 3 oil prevents the production of the molecules that promote inflammation, and thus can effectively act as a roadblock against these diseases.The fish oil contained in Vikiia Nordic provides 1600mg with an EPA/DHA ratio of 800mg and is specially designed to bring back the body's imbalance of omega 6 and omega-3 thus boosting the human body's natural ability for healthy inflammation response. FACT: We use 100 gallons of healthy, food-grade omega-3 rich fish oil to make a single gallon of ultra-refined Vikiia Nordic Labs Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplement.

2. Keeps you youthful

Since the day of Ponce de Leon, people have sought for ways preserve their youthful looks. These have led to the adoption of treatments methods like bathing in milk, spa treatments and the use of high-end beauty products. But none of these methods is as potent as fish oil. The advantage of using fish oil for preserving ones youthful looks is as a result of the fatty acids that derail the degeneration rate of the cells in the body, which in turn increase the cell's life span. Telomeres are the caps on the end of each 

chromosome in your body and their job is to prevent damage to the chromosomes. The division of cell in the human body often results to damages to the telomeres, which is where Omega-3 is also vital as it helps in keeping the telemores fresh and young, adding longevity to your body's cell.

3. Wonderful weight loss properties

Did you know that Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil can help you to loose  weight in the number of ways. Fish oil helps to improve cardiovascular health by stopping the cholesterol and thinning of your blood.  The easy circulation of blood in your body makes the journey towards losing weight easier. This is as a result of increase flow of blood that will enable more blood to get to your muscles when you work out. Second, it stabilizes the metabolism, which is vital in shedding weight loss. The stimulation of the metabolism helps burn food properly. It will also assist your metabolism to perform all round to burn excess fat stored around your body in the mode of the "flat tire" around abdomen. Third, fish oil helps in controlling the production of leptins in the body. This implies that more fish oil will ultimately lead to less Leptins and reduction of your urge to eat snacks you trying to avoid. However, the use of fish oil makes the journey easier and also the oxymoronic supplement (eating oil to SHED WEIGHT) can aid in enhancing your shape while losing the excess weight. FACT: A study reveals that those who consume fish oil vitamins or supplements while exercising burned more weights (26%) than those who don't. Surprising?

4. depression treatment

As words like "eicosanoid synthesis" and "apoptosis" are often freely used by industry experts when discussing this topic. EPA and DHA help the brain in function like it should. Omega 3 fish oil helps to stabilize the production of these chemicals and restores brain functions to normal level which forestalls neurochemical imbalance in the brain that results in depression. You may be surprised that these fatty acids can improve the functionality of your brain as 60 % of the brain is made of fat. This implies that these fatty acids are vital to brain. It can be done by getting enough EPA to produce the required neurochemicals. Omega fish oil helps in increasing the levels of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is one of the main neurotransmitters-chemical which transports messages between the sections of your brain. Fish oil is not a direct alternative for other medications for depression, but it plays a big role in making them more effective. Doctors often prescribe that two to four grams of the fishy tasting oil are taken daily to upgrade the entire health state of patients and reduce the risk of depression as a result of low levels of DHA and EPA. FACT: Researches conducted in recent times have indicated that the lack of EPA can lead to depression, and a large amount of the people used for this research that were given EPA displayed a great level of improvement.

9. Postnatal health

The ingestion of Omega 3 fatty acid supplements during the pregnancy phase aids the development of the baby properly in vitro.Taking DHA through Omega 3 supplements before childbirth can help in curbing the chances of allergies in the unborn child and improve their technical skills once they are born. Their cognitive behavior is also affected and they have better chances of not being hyperactive, which may drive their parents crazy.

5. Fights heart disease

Omega 3 is very important to the human heart, as it's vital in reducing the triglycerides levels in the human blood.Triglycerides are a form of cholesterol which when it's in excess can contribute to heart attacks. But the use of fish oil can aid in lowering the level of triglycerides. It also helps in thinning ones blood, which helps in reducing the risk of high blood pressure and heart attacks.Fish oil supplements can also fight abnormal heart rates and even reduce the risk of strokes in those with cases of high risk of disease.

6. Fights cancer

In the world today, there are many types of cancers have been identified by doctors, but the most dreaded by men is prostrate cancer. Omega 3 fish oil helps men deal with prostate cancer as the fish oil mitigates the risk of developing cancer and also stopping it from getting out of hand.For the women taking Omega 3 can help in the fight against breast cancer and reduce the dangers associated with this disease. This is as a result of the fact that Omega 3 fish oil contains DHA and this acts as a killer against the MCF-7 breast cancer cells by eliminating them. Thus fish oil supplement can help prevent breast cancer or to sound modest help in reducing the risk of developing one.


It is commonly known that the ailment arthritis -is the inflammation of the joints and can be a very painful process that impedes movement.However, as you already know from this article omega 3 helps in fighting inflammation and in turn helps in prevention arthritis from occurring. Fish oil also won't numb the pain witnessed with arthritis, but it can help reduce the pain by reducing the swelling related to arthritis if you use fish oil vitamins for an extended period of time.It can be said that all inflammatory disorders that have the letters "itis" at the end can be handled by taking enough fish supplements as it reduces the risk of inflammation.Omega 3 can help curbing the amount of enzymes in the human body that affect the cartilage between the bones and almost all can be contained with fish oil.

8. Prenatal health

The importance of Omega 3 fish oil to pregnant women cannot be over emphasized, as it is known to improve their health and that of their unborn child.These benefits include reducing the risk of preeclampsia from developing, lowered risk of preterm labor, and much less chance of developing breast cancer. For the unborn child it's benefits include healthier and steady formation of the brain, healthy development of the child’s nervous system, proper formation of retina to ensure good eyesight and reduce the risk of behavioral problems developing once the child is born. But remember to seek your doctor's advice before taking it.